Paulís list of metal detecting sites and other useful info!





Portable Antiquities Scheme

A visit to The Portable Antiquates Scheme is an absolute must for beginners and experienced folk alike. Thereís lots of general info plus links to your local Finds Liaison Officer.

Federation of Independent Detectorists

The Federation of Independent Detectorists is another must for beginners. If you havenít signed up for liability insurance then this is a good place to start. FID also does an enormous amount of work to help support and defend our hobby against further unwanted legislation.

National Council for Metal Detecting

The National Council fro Metal Detecting is another organisation which helps look after detectorists. If you donít fancy FID then join the NCMD it all helps us support our hobby.

Detecnicks Metal Detecting Supplies

Detecnicks is an excellent place to pick up all your detecting supplies. From metal detectors to finds pouches it all here. Staff are friendly, offer plenty of advise and service is quick and hassle free.

Livery Buttons Identified

A truly superb link for identifying livery buttons. The author of this fantastic site has initiated a project with the aim of identifying buttons on old clothing, in sample books and from finds made by metal detecting. With 70,000+ different designs known he has a massive task ahead of him.

Evergreen UK Metal Detectors

A great site with metal detectors and accessories for beginners and advanced detectorists. Official suppliers of Lander, Minelab, Garrett, XP, C-scope and Viking Metal Detectors and accessories, order online for same day despatch.

Weekend Wanderers Metal Detecting Club

The Weekend Wanderers Metal Detecting Club is by far one of the largest clubs in southern England. They have regular midweek and weekend digs often with fantastic results. If you are a beginner itís a great way of meeting people and of course thereís plenty of sites to detect.

Colchester Treasure Hunting Holidays

The Colchester Treasure Hunting Holidays Site is an absolute wealth of knowledge; from Stone Age axes to modern milled silver they have it all. Plus they have an excellent coin straightening service for all those bady battered and bent up hammered.

Ancient Greek & Roman Coins

This is a great site with lots of information on Roman coins. I have learned a lot from here.

The Copper Corner

The Copper Corner is a dealer based web site I found whist researching 17th and 18th century tokens. Has lots of knowledge and certainly taught me a thing or two!

Jettons or Reckoning Counters

Jettons or Reckoning Counters is a smaller sized site I found on my travels whilst researching information on Nuremburg Jettons, I hope you find it as useful as I did.

English Electroplate Silver

I found this site came in handy when identifying EPNS cutlery. Fully loaded with maker marks, dates and regions where EPNS was manufactured, definitely worth a glance.

The UK Detector Finds Database

A wealth of knowledge can be found on this site with many useful reference articles. Plus itís an excellent place to record your finds being a good alternative to the PAS.

Magic Map

Ever knocked the door of a landowner for permission to detect and been told the land is National Trust or Higher Stewardship Scheme? This mapping imitative by DEFRA makes it easy to check the status of the land before going to ask permission. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Where's The Path

If you donít own a handheld GPS unit this mapping service is good when recording find spots for your records.

Getting Into A New Hobby Metal Detecting

An interesting site with lots of informative information about metal detecting. My personal thanks to the Lake Jennings BSA Troop 325, Eagle Scouts for the link. I wish you happy hunting and may you find many interesting things.

Kellyco Metal Detectors

A metal detecting superstore selling metal detectors and accessories for more than 65 years.

Dragonfire Guide to Metal Detecting

A super site for metal detecting information with many links to tips, old maps, detector manufacturers and more.

Detecting School

An interesting site with tips and advice on places where you can go metal detecting.