Here is a list of common rules for good code of conduct when out on a dig.


1.) Do not interfere with archaeological sites or scheduled monuments. Join your local archaeological society if you are interested in your local ancient history.


2.) Don't leave a mess. Most objects are only a few inches below the soil, it is just as easy to fill in your holes as it is to dig them.


3.) If you find any litter i.e. bottle tops, pull tabs or silver foil, it is best to keep the countryside clean and tidy! Throw them in a local rubbish bin don't just discard them, after all you might find your digging up the same rubbish again next time.


4.) Do not trespass. You must always ask permission before going onto any private land.


5.) Report all unusual historical finds to your local museum or archaeological group. Tell them where you found the artefact it is possible you may have found a new site of archaeological importance.


6.) Learn the treasure trove laws, (Treasure Act) report all finds of gold and silver to the local authorities.


7.) If you find any live ammunition don't touch it, leave well alone and mark the area clearly then phone the police immediately to tell them what you have found.


8.) Never miss an opportunity to show and explain how your detector works. Be cheerful and outgoing you might pick up useful tips or gain extra land to search.


9.) Respect the country code. Do not leave gates open, damage crops, scare farm animals or drop litter.


10.) One last note. When you are out on a dig you are an ambassador for the hobby do not give it a bad name by acting irresponsibly.